Feel the breath of healthy skin…
Natural Earthenware Fermentation Science of Natural Herbal Ingredients!

Fermentation over fermentation delivers the optimum effects where natural / traditional ingredients and the advanced modern technology are in balance. It enhances your skin’s resilience and helps to return it its optimal state.

  • No Artificial dyes.
  • No Alcohol.
  • No Paraben.
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Safe product after 131 tests! 

Beauty for skin is important, though, cares more about skin condition and safety and select each ingredient. Detox – Balancing skin – Regenerating skin – Preventing aging

Skincare/Make-up lines manufactured after the dermatitis test

- Key Ingredients of products – Fermentation order for bamboo
Bamboo  1st fermentation: Juk Ryeok  2nd fermentation: Juk Ryeok Go

Juk Ryeok (Bamboo oil) extract by far-infrared ripening method: It has moisturizing effect and helps treat various skin troubles.

Juk Ryeok Go: It is made with fancy liquor ‘Chun’ which is made from herb ingredient called Juk Ryeok, and it has alcoholysis effect, anti-bacterial effect, and also cholesterol-reducing effect.

Privet: Traditional herbal extract made from dried privet berry is effective for preventing cancer, anti-bacteria, and anti-aging. Also used in folk medicine for some skin trouble.

  • Natural extracts
  • Detoxification of Natural herbal extracts
  • Life science technology
  • Healthy skin balance