Joss+Lyn added a new line of product in skin-care designed to detoxify and to peel away impurities for clear skin.  Our new peel off masks, 24k Gold and Charcoal helps bring healthy new glow giving total satifaction to the skin.  It has become one of the most loved product of the year, as a result we have expanded our peel-off line to rose water and witch hazel.  Both rose water and witch hazel have a long history of use in folk medicine, primarily as topical agents for skin care. The rose water and witch hazel leaves your skin feeling fantastically clean and smooth. 

We have many more new items to be released soon!!






So you may be asking, what is a peel-off mask and what does it do? 

A peel-off mask is a gel type mask that is applied onto the face which then solidifies. This is then gently removed from the skin.

Peel-off masks have become popular because the effects are noticeable right away. When you look at the sheet that has been removed, you can see the black heads and dirt that was removed from the pores. It's absolutely satisfying to see all of the impurities removed. This leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed.