Perk Face Sheet Mask


Perk Face Sheet Mask


Skin Problem:  Dry Skin Eczema/tightness/Itching/Flaking/Scaling / Feels Rough

WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT?  Mushroom to condition dry skin.  Honeysuckle to rejuvenate skin.  Apricot kernel to nourish dry skin


Why is my skin so damn dry?”

Most of the time is because you’re overdoing the cleaning, the hot water,  or not staying hydrated. Cleaning your skin often come from good intentions and a hot shower may feel amazing. But balance is key when it comes to battling dry skin.



MASKING BEFORE MAKEUP Using a sheet mask is a great step to incorporate into your makeup routine! It can be difficult to apply makeup on dry skin and can make it look flaky. Use a sheet mask hydrates your skin. Hydrated skin holds makeup better. Build a better foundation for your look and mask before makeup.

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