Cure Face Sheet Mask


Cure Face Sheet Mask


Skin problem:  Oily Skin Acne/Breakouts/Blackheads/ Whiteheads/Excess oil/Enlarged pores/ greasiness/ shiny

WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT? Wild mind & Dong Qual to balance and remove excess oil

“Why does my skin get oily?”

While proper skin care helps keep it at bay, it’s good to know there are other reasons  why it feels like your oily skin is getting out of hand. Genetics and hormonal changes play a part Food you eat and medication you take are also factors. Even the environment you live in.


ACTIVATED CHARCOAL AND YOU If you have an oily skin type, activated charcoal is  your new BFF. Its absorbing properties makes it great for managing your oily skin. It also deep cleans your pores, and helps with skin brightening.

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