Glow Face Sheet Mask


Glow Face Sheet Mask


Skin Problem:  Dull Skin Wrinkle/Lines/Aging/Stressed/Dead Skin Cell/Sun Damage/Dehydrated/ Lackluster

WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT? Marigold vine & Lotus Flower for radiant, vibrant skin

“Why does my skin lack luster?”

There are three main causes: aging, dehydration, your environment, and not exfoliating While aging is one of the tougher problems to solve; minimizing your sun exposure, gently exfoliating, and staying hydrated are easier solutions.


NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE There is just something about luminous skin that never  goes out of fashion. The youthfulness that you get from glowing skin is something that even having the hottest looks and the trendiest clothes can’t bring you.

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