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Calm Face Sheet Mask


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Skin Problem:  Inflamed Skin Redness/Heat/Combination  oily & dry/Flushing/Puffy Face/Flakiness/ irritation


WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT?  Mugwort to calm and soothe skin, Fish mint to fight against inflammation, Nephrite powder to heal skin


 “Why is my skin both oily and dry?"

If your skin feels both oily and dry, that means you have combination skin.  The key to managing combination skin is finding a balance for your skin. When looking for product, find those that sooth skin irritation while moderating your oil levels. When washing your face, make sure to use what that isn't too hot.  Lastly using product that are gentle on your skin.  it is important to retaining moisture and prevent from future irritation.



NOT CHOOSING THE RIGHT FACE MASK There is a large range of sheet masks  so your choices aren’t limited. Masks aren’t always “one mask fits all”. Different masks have different ingredients,  bringing different benefits and effects on your skin. Choose the sheet mask that best for your skin type  or works towards your targeted  skin problem.



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