Calm Face Sheet Mask


Calm Face Sheet Mask


Skin Problem:  Inflamed Skin Redness/Heat/Combination  oily & dry/Flushing/Puffy Face/Flakiness/ irritation


WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT? Chameleon Plant & Chinese Skullcap to sooth and calm skin inflammation.


 What is a T zone?’

Your T zone helps identify the areas of your face that tend to be more dry or oily. Imagine drawing  a big T on your face, the top line goes across the forehead and the other going down the middle to your chin.  The T zones consist of your forehead, nose, and chin; these being the oilier parts of your face. For those with combination skin, areas outside of your T zone tend to be more dry.



NOT CHOOSING THE RIGHT FACE MASK There is a large range of sheet masks  so your choices aren’t limited. Masks aren’t always “one mask fits all”. Different masks have different ingredients,  bringing different benefits and effects on your skin. Choose the sheet mask that best for your skin type  or works towards your targeted  skin problem.



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