Glow Face Sheet Mask


Glow Face Sheet Mask


Skin Problem:  Dull Skin Wrinkle/Lines/Aging/Stressed/Dead Skin Cell/Sun Damage/Dehydrated/ Lackluster

WHAT’S IN THE INGREDIENT?  Apricot to renew damaged skin cells. Safflower to promote elasticity. Indian lotus enriches skin to moisturize and heal.


“Why does my skin lack luster?”

There are three main causes: aging, dehydration, your environment, and not exfoliating While aging is one of the tougher problems to solve; minimizing your sun exposure, gently exfoliating, and staying hydrated are easier solutions.



STAY LUMINOUS  After years of using product after product, it can get frustrating to find a way to keep your skin glowing.  It gets more frustrating when you have to use tons of different one just to get by.  Look youthful and stay luminous masking is what works. 

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