Hydrogel 24K Gold Mask


24K GOLD HYDROGEL MASK!  Highly enriched nutrients replensh moisture deep into the skin!

Hydrogel masks are the upgraded version of cotton masks.  The Hydrogel helps to keep your skin directly in contact with the nutrients longer without evaporating as quickly as a cotton sheet would.

The main difference between a sheet mask and a hydrogel mask is the material. Sheet masks are usually a thin, treatment-soaked piece of cloth, while hydrogel masks have a thin gel form. They have the ability to lock in moisture much better than cotton.  The best part of Hydrogel masks are a lot easier to wear. They form to your face better, allowing the benefits to sink into skin.

24K Gold HYDROGEL Mask will provide Anti-Wrinkle & Oil Control, Whitening, Pore Tightening, and gives refresh and intensive repair to your skin. 24K Gold, which is known to purify skin and restore brightness, and Ardisia Crispa Extract,  Adenosine, and Niacinamide to help diminish  the signs of aging.


Paraben-free, Phthalate-free, Sulfate-free



Size + Fit

Volume: 25ml

Made in Korea

Design in USA




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