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Beauty isn't about a pretty face.....

It has lot to do with STYLE!  What you wear and accessorize changes everything about who you are.   Beautiful skin with little help of accessorizing can change your Style!

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JOSS+LYN   -  prides itself on ingredient that we bring from K-beauty!  "K-beauty" for short, Korean beauty an umbrella term for skin-care products that are derived from South Korea. 

Korean beauty is one of few countries with "functional cosmetics," using natural botanical ingredients to bring best result in skincare and Joss+Lyn has worked hard to bring optimal result for your skincare using the clean ingredients.


Facial Sheet Mask vs Peel Off Mask

Face masks come in different forms but the two most popular forms of facial masking right now are sheet masks and peel off masks. But these two forms both have their own unique functions that depend on how they are made, how they are used on your face, and the ingredients in them. Here are the similarities and differences between peel off masks and sheet masks.   

The difference between these two masks are physically different. This makes them different from one another in how they look, how they feel, and how you apply it. Peel off masks come in a wet paste form, requiring you apply it by spreading the product on your face. As the mask dries, it stiffens and gives a tightening effect on the skin and helps remove impurities and leaves skin clean.   Sheets masks are essentially face shaped sheet fabric that is soaked in essence. When the mask is pulled from the package, it is sticky and wet with serum and is then simply applied to the face like a mask. The face masks may feel hydrating while giving you a warm or cooling sensation as the serum penetrates your skin providing deep hydrating your skin.