Skin care products

Joss+Lyn has joined up with major research and development teams in Korea to produce premium skin products for you to enjoy. You will experience purity and effectiveness whenever you use these products. Always free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates to ensure the best for your skin.  Joss+Lyn premium skin care products use herbal ingredients and mineral water to bring real results. We aimed towards producing quality natural beauty products for everyday use and believe that skin care should work for you and be an enjoyable experience.


Costume Jewelry

Joss+Lyn was founded in 2005 after working many years with celebrities, producers, and stylists  behind the scenes. We got inspired by the images celebrities and influencers share of their lives, travel, clothes, beauty, and jewelry from all over the world. This has shaped our understanding and style when it came to creating new jewelry collections for the everyday man and woman.

Joss+Lyn is here for you to discover the perfect piece that fits your style.

From authentic bold fashion jewelry to an elegant dainty pendant for everyday use, we provide a range of high-quality jewelry collections at competitive prices. Every piece is carefully crafted and guaranteed to be lead and nickel compliant. With every purchase, you are rest assured that you are doing business with a well established and well minded company.


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