The Brand JOSSLYN,

came together with celebrities in South Korea.  

With luck, I had the opportunity to work alongside stars and became acquainted with socialites, actors, and musicians. During my long hours on sets, I witnessed how often these big names struggled to accessorize themselves with jewelry pieces that would complement their needs.

Believing everyone should feel ravishing, sexy, and elegant with little effort I decided to combine my passions of style and gems, thus creating Josslyn. Having 10 years of experience with jewelry, being exposed to the rich culture, I wanted to give back to my celeb friends by making them feel lavish on and off the red carpets.

Our line was joined up with Nordstrom BP and had the opportunity to have our line in Nordstrom Stores and continuing to bring Trend Forwarded with sophistication in our Brand. 


Skin care products

Joss+Lyn has joined up with major research and development teams in Korea to produce premium skin products for you to enjoy. You will experience purity and effectiveness whenever you use these products. Always free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates to ensure the best for your skin.  Joss+Lyn premium skin care products use herbal ingredients and mineral water to bring real results. We aimed towards producing quality natural beauty products for everyday use and believe that skin care should work for you and be an enjoyable experience.


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